Valeo Undae

Valeo Undae

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"Valeo Undae" is an original acrylic painting by professional artist Brazen Edwards.  This contemporary abstract artwork is an 36x66x.1.5" acrylic painting on wood cradle panel.


Artist Statement:
I have a profound appreciation for nature’s splendor as it teases my imagination and stimulates my creativity.  Focusing on a more positive aspect of life invites me to slow down and investigate the natural world, allowing a connection with my intuitive painting process of letting go and embracing the suspense of what will be revealed.

Water is patient as it persistently wears away even the hardest granite mountain over millions of years, flushing away the rock’s minerals downstream to the ocean.   Water purifies and cleanses just by washing over anything, clearing away the silt and calcified residue, by virtue of simply being itself, by moving freely and continuously.  When a problem or misunderstanding arises, communication expressed from a gentle tide of kindness and openness has a cleansing effect so that people can feel the safety of releasing and sharing what’s really troubling them. This releasing opens the way for reconciliation.

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All Rights Reserved.