Oceanus Tricae

Oceanus Tricae

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"Oceanus Tricae" is an original acrylic painting by professional artist Brazen Edwards.  This contemporary abstract artwork is an 30x30x1.5" acrylic painting on canvas.

Artist Statement:
I have a profound appreciation for nature’s splendor as it teases my imagination and stimulates my creativity.  Focusing on a more positive aspect of life invites me to slow down and investigate the natural world, allowing a connection with my intuitive painting process of letting go and embracing the suspense of what will be revealed.

This painting is a stormy mix of several splashes of blue with hints of seafoam green to mimic the waves of the ocean. The ocean is a sign of power and strength, dominating all other symbols of water, due to its immensity and infinite possibilities. Consider the ocean, and you will be considering the essence of vastness, mystery, and depth. It seems in exhaustible and the holder of wondrous things unseen.

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