Go With the Flow - Fluid Acrylics

This fun and expressive 2-day workshop will focus on fluid acrylic techniques using various pouring mediums, blocking out areas for colour and the scientific ratios of pouring medium vs. acrylic paints to create cells, as well as the types of acrylic paints to use.  

You'll learn the importance of patience and managing your expectations and how to work horizontal with tilting, swiping and developing a cohesive composition with colour theory to create a successful abstract painting.


Embracing Abstraction - Traditional Acrylics

This exciting 2 day workshop is designed for anyone wishing to explore painting in abstraction using techniques of laying acrylics and creating dynamic texture.  Participants will be combining art materials and household objects to experiment so you get over the fear of working with acrylics and abstract compositions. You will be encouraged to approach painting loosely so you’re fully able to explore and have fun.

A demonstration will be given each day and we’ll cover the basics of glazing, splattering, washes, blending and working with texture mediums and pastes. The first day, students will prep surfaces and develop compositions that will be used for day two.  ​The next day will be spent creating layers of colour and unifying your surfaces to develop fascinating details by dry brushing and using acrylic glazes to create your paintings.

This class is suitable for all levels.  This will be a risk taking workshop where artists will be pushed to paint on the edge and be inspired to trust their instincts.  In the words of Bob Ross, "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents!"


Fearless & Fun - Watercolour

Paint freely without the fear of perfection!  Learn to paint dynamic and lively watercolour paintings on YUPO® by exploring the properties of this smooth, non-absorbent synthetic surface.  Unlike traditional papers, this substrate offers many challenges but also interesting possibilities that allow watercolours to remain bright and vibrant so the flow of your paint can blend and offer exciting surprises in a different way than on traditional watercolour paper.

By learning to master the techniques that will enhance and control this challenging medium you will be able to enhance areas of your painting by applying and lifting colour, allowing you to rework your image without damaging the paper.  We will explore the spontaneous unpredictable painting surface using expressive brush work, colour theory, wet on wet and dry painting techniques.